Therapist: Prudence

“Marc has been attending classes at Total Communications since 2009 as a primary school student. These lessons have contributed significantly in supporting his math and language abilities as he progresses through his secondary school years in the Singapore school system. The therapists in Total Communications, led by Prudence Low, are dedicated and creative in finding ways to tailor lessons to suit Marc’s learning styles, making the lessons interesting and challenging. They proactively seek meetings with Marc’s school teachers and work with them to help support his learning needs. Each one of them takes a real and sincere interest in his progress in school, helping him with language and the humanities subjects as well as with his mathematics.

Total Communications’ therapists are the first I recommend to anyone seeking support and I would continue to recommend them to anyone seeking support for learning disabilities.”

-Yean Sung about her son Marc

“I knew my now 3 year old son from the age of 18 months had an issue with his speech development and I had taken him for various assessments with no clear diagnosis. I commenced speech therapy at the age of 2 with a local SLP but was very unsatisfied with them on various fronts. After carrying out my own intense research i suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech CAS and I visited Prudence who was confidently able to confirm a diagnosis. Anyone who has a child with CAS will know that research shows early diagnosis and intervention is critical. Whilst I was highly disappointed with all the other professionals lack of ability to see the markers of CAS in my son, this in hindsight has been a blessing. Prudence Is a talented therapist who, unlike many other providers, has amazing skills to engage my son in different and creative tasks during the session whilst remaining firm with him to ensure the goals are achieved. Prudence consistently makes the time to provide me with clear and concise feedback on his progress.
As I’ve mentioned I’ve worked with other therapists prior to Prudence and since working with her I can see a clear difference between an average versus highly competent, excellent therapist. The level of dedication, preparation and discipline that she puts into each session is highly credible.
The type of speech therapy my son requires calls for a lot of hard work on his part and it can be difficult for him, as such there are many times that he is uncooperative. However, Prudence remains focused on results and maximises each therapy session This makes me very proud of him but also incredibly appreciative of the hard work Prudence puts into each session with him. Thank you so much for your dedication.”

-Mrs Summers on her son Matt

“My son Yik Tuck, aged 16, has been attending Total Communication Therapy for over a year. Being on the spectrum, academic, social and communication skills proves a challenge to him. Ever since he is here, I see great improvement in terms of academic and communication ability. He was so happy when he saw his scores in his English paper and simply couldn’t wait to share his joy with his therapists. Now that he is doing his vacation job in service industry, he can even communicate comfortably with the customers and his peers. Yik Tuck is always looking forward to his sessions at Total and I am very glad to see this level of enthusiasm. I am really grateful to all the therapists and staff, who have supported him and developed great rapport with him.”

– Dawn Tan about her son Yik Tuck


Therapist: Eugenia Ling


“Caitlyn has been seeing educational therapist Eugenia for over a month plus. She used to be afraid of Math, and had a lot of trouble with number bonds. Her confidence at school was zilch, especially during Math. After a few sessions, it was evident that her interest in math is slowly restored. Eugenia’s gentle yet upbeat personality fanned Cait’s interest. Her systemic hands on approach introduced numbers in a tactile fun way, and made everything suddenly comprehensible. Early intervention is indeed important, and I would recommend Eugenia to anyone with a learning disorder struggling with Math. Thank you Eugenia.”

-Irene Kwong on her daughter Caitlyn


“It has been almost a year ever since my daughter started therapy with Total Communication Therapy Pte Ltd, and as parents, we have truly seen the progress she has made. The guidance and patience of the nurturing therapists has helped my child to be engaged in the process of learning, and what’s more valuable is that the centre’s regular contact with my child’s school allowed for effective communication between her therapists and teachers, where the therapists were able to be promptly aware of my child’s learning progress in school.

In addition, the individualised plans and programmes that the centre provides has helped my child to further improve. My daughter has progressed greatly with the help of the therapists – from having difficulties with reading and spelling accurately, to being able to read independently now. In the midst of expanding my child’s English knowledge, the therapists provides constant feedback after each session, in addition to practical strategies and recommendations.

In short, Total Communication Therapy Pte Ltd is a trustworthy centre whose professional knowledge and expertise help children to improve their learning abilities.”

-Mrs Li on her daughter Mavis



Therapist: Elly


“Kavan has been attending Total Communication for almost a year and a half now under Ms Elly and Ms Prudence. He has shown so much improvement in his speech and social interaction. The therapists are so skilled and patient in their scaffolding and guiding of Kavan in his understanding of non-verbal cues and translating all these into constructive social interaction with his peers. I could see him gain confidence and become a more effective communicator with his peers in the playground and in social situations. I am heartened to see Kavan’s continued progress in Total Communication.”

– Karyn Yong about her son Kavan

“My daughter Zoe has been going to lessons with Miss Elly at Total Communication for just over a year. Over the course of this time, I have seen Zoe grow in confidence with her writing abilities and an increase in her level of understanding and use of complex language skills, something she previously struggled with. She felt very comfortable to share and seek help from Elly, often bringing in pieces of work she had from school to discuss them together. Zoe learned vital skills like mind mapping which helped her to organise her thoughts and plan her work better. Elly’s vast experience and knowledge in this field coupled with her friendly, helpful nature has really managed to draw Zoe out of her shell and enabled her to develop critical thinking skills and build up her self-confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elly to anyone that may need help in this area.”

– Gail Wang about her daughter Zoe



Therapist: Jodie


“Cait was recommended Language Therapy by her educational psychologist. She had self esteem issues stemming from an inability to understand inferred questions. Jodie helped Cait through conversations to focus on main ideas and to connect and relate to the story. I could see a distinct improvement in making tentative inferences! Through these sessions, Cait has also spoken up more – speaking up more loudly and most importantly bringing her ideas across- which is something she struggled with last year. I am proud of her achievements. Thank you Jodie.”



Therapist: Niamh


“My son has shown considerable improvement since he started therapy at Total Communication. The occupational and speech therapists work closely with him, focusing on his areas of weakness and monitoring his progress. The centre as a whole is pleasant and the staff and therapists are helpful and friendly. I will certainly recommend Total Communication to those who may need speech and occupational therapy.”



Therapist: Aine


“Ajay needed the support of a therapist to help develop improved writing and reading comprehension skills. We were very fortunate to find Total Communication Therapy. Their therapist are very skilled, knowledgeable and highly trained. Ajay really enjoys his therapy sessions and finds the learning environment very conducive. He has made great progress at his therapy sessions and this has improved his skills and confidence levels at school.”

-Hema about her son Ajay

“You could see the joy in my daughter’s face when I say,” We are going to therapy.” Aine? Niamh’s little gym? This shows how much she looks forward to the sessions with Aine and Niamh.
We are very happy about the progress we see in our daughter’s expressive language and she has become more engaging in her speech therapy session. Her visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, motor planning and balance have shown improvement as well through the occupational therapy sessions.
All these help her in her school and daily activities as well as our home-program.”

-Obelia about her daughter Sandra



Therapist: Hazel


I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for the great work that you had done. Sophie started the therapy sessions with you at the end of February this year, specifically to address her lower than average working memory. This deficiency had affected her ability in Maths. Honestly, when she first started, we wouldn’t quite sure if your therapy was going to help. After all, Sophie had a very qualified Maths tutor for the past 3 years, but she could only manage a ‘E’ for her PSLE Maths.

Nonetheless, as Sophie progressed under your guidance, her interests and confidence for Maths built up. With your encouragement and ability to establish rapport with her, Sophie was also prepared to put in a lot of hard work. Her mid year exam (SA1) was big turnaround when she scored 72 for Math, which effectively put her among the top 5 in class. This had boosted her confidence and determination to do even better. In her CA2 (end August), her Maths maintained consistently at 72. And now her year end exam (SA2) is 73!

The big improvement of her Maths results did not come by coincidence. Apart from her own hard work and determination, you had taught her the right techniques that addressed her deficiency so that she could solve the Maths problems correctly. You had also demonstrated a lot of patience, persistency, and empathy in coaching her. Sophie had also mentioned that you were always very encouraging. As such, she had developed a strong interests for Maths and was always looking forward to your sessions.

My wife and myself are very glad to have found you. We hope that Sophie can continue to improve under your guidance.

Once again, thank you for guiding her through!

-Mr Tan on his daughter Sophie