New Programmes


PROPEL is a highly intensive, specialized daily program aimed at targeting young children (4 to 6 years) who are lucky enough to be caught in the early stage of being “at risk” of facing learning challenges later in life. Instead of attending regular preschool/kindergarten, students work in small groups of 3 to 5 to learn numeracy, foundational literacy and social skills through extra support from speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and educational therapists. A cyclical theme based curriculum is planned with the aim of equipping the child and leading them to access mainstream curriculum effectively.

Intake begins now for New Term in February/March 2013.

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CALLI aims to help students who are struggling in the elementary school years and are finding it hard to catch up because of the widening gap of learning. It is never an easy process to find a right balance for students who are in this predicament, but we have found that allowing the students to go on with the academic learning at a grade level that is matched to their age may never truly serve their needs. Year after year, their self esteem takes a beating and learning is at best superficial. Recognising this, CALLI aims to remediate full time, the student, using tools and materials that are pitched at their true developmental level. Learning takes place with stimulation in language, speech, numeracy, social interactions against the backdrop of real life social experiences and world knowledge. CALLI aims to reintegrate the student after a solid year of intensive intervention and removal of scaffolding bit by bit so that the student gains independence.

Intake all year round, this programme is run one on one, although opportunities will exist for grouping or dyad situations when the child has reach a certain level of competency.

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Designed for Grade 7 students or secondary students, this course trains students to apply algebraic equations in practical ways. Algebra need not be a painful learning experience when taught in a way that the student could view as functional and useful. The programme aims to strengthen skills that allows for the students to access these concepts.

Intake all year round – attempts will be made to pair students off at the right level of learning.

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Depending on the therapist’s recommendation, individual sessions can run from one to three individual one hourly sessions per week. Prior to treatment, the therapist will draw up a treatment plan to target problem areas of learning.


Social thinking groups and social skills training are available.