Evidence-based practice

At the core of our clinical philosophy is evidence based practice. This means that we support practices and techniques that have been scientifically researched upon and found to yield beneficial results.

Every child is a unique individual…

that is why remediation has to be carefully planned and tailor-made with the individual strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Strong collaboration with professionals and families

we work closely with other specialists and have contacts with the best professionals in their field for referrals. Our experience has given us familiarity with the different demands of both International and Singaporean school settings.

Professional integrity

Providing your child the specific services that he/she needs – in the right amount, with the right people, at the right time.

Raising expectations

With the knowledge that the human brain has a great deal of plasticity for changes, we raise our own expectations of what we could do for your child and what your child could possibly achieve.

Beautiful surroundings

Traditionally, the environment matters to us and the students. We recently moved from Rochester Park to Sime Darby Centre, once again choosing to be located amidst leafy, serene surroundings that are conducive for learning and reflecting.

Stimulating thought

“When the goal is teaching the language, the result is mimicry. When the goal is stimulating thought, the result is language.” Ecarius.


The mission of Total Communication group of Centres is to make a positive difference in the lives of those children, teenagers and their families who have come under our care. With our diverse and collective gifts and skills, we will strive to provide the highest level of service to maximise the potential of those whom we serve, whether it is in the area of language, intellectual or social development. We are committed to working cooperatively with other professionals in our field. We will strive to bring our skills to the highest level by seeking constant professional training and delivering best practice. In community services, we will be relentless in our collective mission to increase the level of understanding of different conditions and seek to be effective advocates of those who have come under our care.

The purpose: To make a positive difference in the lives of those who come under our care so they could maximise their potential.

The value: A practice that attracts individuals who are creative thinkers, diligent, self-motivated, holistic, excellent, and with integrity in all that we do.